Tintin in the Congo (HB)


Belgian reporter Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy travel to the Congo, where the pair are greeted by a cheering crowd of native Congolese. Hiring a native boy, Coco, to assist him in his travels, Tintin rescues Snowy from a crocodile. He recognised a stowaway from the ship that had brought them to the continent who attempts to kill Tintin. Tintin is saved by monkeys who throw coconuts down from a tree, knocking the stowaway unconscious. Snowy is kidnapped by a monkey, and Tintin rescues him.
The next morning, Tintin, Snowy, and Coco crash their car into a train, which the reporter fixes and tows to the Babaorum’s village. He is greeted there by the king, and accompanies the king on a hunt the next day, where Tintin is knocked unconscious by a lion. Snowy rescues him by biting the lion’s tail off. Tintin gains the admiration of the natives, which makes the Babaorum witch-doctor Muganga jealous; with the help of the stowaway, he plots to accuse Tintin of destroying the tribe’s sacred idol. Imprisoned by the villagers, Tintin is rescued by Coco and shows the villagers footage of Muganga conspiring with the stowaway to destroy the idol, which enrages the villagers. Tintin becomes a hero in the village, and a local woman bows down to him, saying, White man very great! Has good spirits … White mister is big juju man!
Angered, Muganga starts a war between the Babaorum and their neighbours, the M’Hatuvu, whose king leads an attack on the Babaorum village. Tintin outwits them, and the M’Hatuvu people cease hostilities and also come to idolise Tintin. Muganga and the stowaway plot to kill Tintin while framing it on a leopard, but Tintin survives, while saving Muganga from a boa constrictor; Muganga pleads mercy and ends his hostilities. The stowaway attempts to capture Tintin again, and eventually succeeds disguised as a Catholic missionary. They fight across a waterfall, and the stowaway is eaten by crocodiles.[ After reading a letter from the stowaway’s pocket, Tintin finds that someone called A.C has ordered that he be killed. Tintin captures a criminal who tried to rendezvous with the stowaway, and learns that A.C. is American gangster Al Capone, who was trying to gain control of African diamond production. Tintin and the colonial police arrest the rest of the diamond smuggling gang.

Product Description

  • Series: Adventures of Tintin (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 64 pages
  • Publisher: Egmont Books; New edition edition (May 26, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1405220988
  • ISBN-13: 978-1405220989
  • Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 0.4 x 11.6 inches


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