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About Us

Booksville is an educational services company established in march 2003 for the purpose of providing educational aides to head teachers, teachers, facilitators, parents and the students/pupils. The emphasis of our service is developing continuous learning interest in children and providing opportunities for these children to reach their educational goal while simultaneously sharpening teaching and assessing skills in teachers. We focus on providing key stage assessments to ensure our partner schools have the resources to achieve and maintain national and global educational standards.

We pride ourselves as a book haven and gateway to adventure for children as we foster continued learning interests in our future leaders while enhancing the quality of life in our community and broaden the personal, educational and professional experiences in these communities. We currently have three stores across the mainland and island axis of Lagos for the convenience of our walk in customers.


Our vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment through books, educational resources, training and expertise to every child in Nigeria in a friendly and attractive environment.


Our mission is built on helping children learn to read and love to read. We believe that independent reading is a critical part of children’s learning and growth. Finding the right book at the right time can ignite an intellectual spark within children that motivates them to read more, understand more, and learn joyfully.


Our stores carry an extensive stock of educational, reference, fiction and non-fiction titles. With the global trend in technology, we recognize that the future in education is in e-learning. We have therefore positioned ourselves to provide schools with the opportunity to embrace e-books, e-learning software, multimedia learning and top-notch educational technology. From electronic supplements to interactive applications, we can fully customize the kinds of tools needed to engage, stimulate, and connect to 21st-century students in classroom.



Booksville has been a generous benefactor to several entities such as government, private and charities as well as civic groups and of course schools. Over the years, we have provided an avenue for persons to improve themselves educationally in numerous ways either through direct funding or donations to individuals as well as to corporate organisations and charities.


Booksville has over the years encouraged reading through donations of books to schools and public libraries in order to encourage intellectual capacity development as one of its major forms of giving back to the society.