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Quick Tips To Ease Your Child Back to School.


How time flies! Can you believe it is almost time to head back to school? We are officially in that “back to school” season. “Yippy” a new start, a clean slate and most especially an opportunity for your child to catch up with old classmates and even new ones.

However, it is important we prepare the kids for the upcoming academic year rightly, so the change does not catch them unprepared and off-guard. Which is why we at Booksville have put together quick tips to help get your child in the right frame of mind for the new school year.


  • Start small (Begin a revision hour)

If just for an hour a day, try to engage your child with the past grade’s work. Participate in a revision class by going through all the subjects lightly. This will help refresh your child’s memory and give you an understanding of where they are lacking behind and strong suit.

  • Get familiar with school supplies

We can guess you have the list of the needed school supplies from the school. If not, try to shop for them early from Booksville’sstore. Therefore, your child can familiarize themselves with the subjects and topics.

  • Light practices of new grade subjects

Once you have shopped for your child’s school supplies from the Booksville’s store, you should engage he/she to light introduction to the subjects. If possible, engage in some practical and assignments.


At Booksville stores, your ward will have access to a wide range of children and teens books brewing with imagination. And tailored to help your child achieve his/her intellectual potentials.

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