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Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Going back to school can be exciting and yet nerve wrecking for both you and your child. Considering the bills involved and the fears that can arise in your child. It is normal to experience the emotional rollercoasters, but it is better to be well prepared for it. So you can save yourself and child headaches.

We, at Booksville, have put together back to school to tips to help you cope with it.

  • Meet your kid’s new teacher

For children, one of their biggest back-to-school worries is “Will I like or be comfortable with my new teacher?” Breaking the ice early on is one of the best ways to calm everyone’s fears. You can contact the school, organize a meet and greet with the teacher alongside your child so everyone can familiarize themselves with one another.

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  • Tour the class or school

Since it is a new school year, why not take a class or school tour with your child. Familiarizing your ward with the new class and environment can help ease anxiety and even infuse positive vibes. Your child can pick a desk and check out the playground or leisure centre.

  • Go school supply shopping with your child

We can guess that you already have the list of needed school supplies for your child. So why not go shopping for it at Booksville together. Letting your child be involved in the process can turn anxiety into excitement and positive reinforcement. This will help the child connect with the books ahead of school resumption.


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