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3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Science Encyclopedia.


Did you know that your child’s early learning experiences can influence the bonds they form academically, extracurricular and even socially with friends? And their first learning experiences – deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

A part of Psychology suggests that at birth, the human mind is a clean slate “Tabula Rasa” so, optimizing the early years of your child’s life is the best investment we can make in ensuring their future success.

How can you invest in your child? Surround them with great books that reveal the wonders of the world to them.  Books like the “Science Encyclopedia” and here are 3 reasons why…

  • Develops curiosity.

All sciences begin with curiosity. The need to know. So introducing your child to science encyclopedia will show your child not just the scientific wonders of the universe but also the process. Which will often times spark curiosity for more.

  • Encourages explorations and observation.

We all want our kids to be daring academically and even possibly invent something big or cure a disease one day. And what other way to start other than with a book filled with the beautiful encyclopedia of science, containing the stories of those who have done the impossible.

  • Create Career foundations.

Most children through social observation either through the TV shows, through physical interactions with adults or books begin to choose careers. Everything around your child is an influence. So, why don’t you help shape their interests by investing in a science encyclopedia?


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