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1. Home Cooking
Don’t pull out the generational recipe book yet or have them pill onions. However, this holiday, why not enrol your kids in cooking classes or even better; why not teach them at home. Firstly, it will be fun if together; you cook one of their favourite meals or even bake something-cake, pie or the infamous “Chin chin”. Cooking is a great way to bond and a good teachable experience.
Need a cookbook? Check out for a tour of beautiful and informative books ideal for kids, young adults and even you.

2. Painting classes or Paint books.

One way to help your kids explore their creative sides is either to enrol them this holiday in art classes or get them paint books and canvas from You just might have the nextchild protégé underneath your roof. Just don’tforget to create a little space aside so they don’t literary repaint the house.

3. Play with Science.
One way to keep your child happily active academically and leisurely is to get them involved in inspiring science books. Books like the popular Science Encyclopedia, The Big Book Of Science; Things to Do or the book titled Wow Science. These books are perfect for kids to explore the world through. In addition, they encourage the practice.


4. Sign up for Bookville’s summer book club
If you haven’t signed your kid to a book club yet, then your child is truly missing out on a mind-blowing and mind-blowing experience in an ideal environment with peers. Which Is why you should register your child for Bookville’s summer book club now! By clicking the link below or calling 08039439056


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